Atlas Mountain Tour
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A few simple rules that benefit us all:

During the tour each client can place 1 ryanair-hand-luggage-size bag in the support truck. Everything you need that week must be able to fit IN that bag. Don’t bring any hard cases, they will get damaged due to the terrain.

We ride as one group, with safe distance between you and the rider in front of you. In that way you don’t eat dust all day and you have a clear view in what’s happening in front of you.

Keep an eye on each other. If you notice that the rider behind you is out of view; wait a moment. When he does not show up after 4 to 5 minutes turn back to where you last spotted him.

Every rider stays on the planned GPS track. This is for your own safety. Imagine you wonder off and crash… nobody knows where you are.

Respect the motorcycle you get provided as if it is your own bike; treat it with care. When the tour leader notices motorcycle abuse or he judges that a rider becomes a danger to the well being of the whole group he gives 1 warning to that person. If that person does not adapt his attitude he will be removed from the tour.

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Bikershome Testimonials

In our older age, my friend and I decided to embark on a moto adventure. We browsed the Internet and randomly chose an off road desert tour with a Bikers Home agency run by Peter, a man in our own generation.
We had no anticipations whatsoever, no off road experience as well, only some fear from the unknown country and unmapped travelling.
Peter picked us up at the airport and took over us. Right from the first moment there was a general feeling that he knew what he was doing and that he was true professional. 
The next morning our 5-day adventure tour started. After the first round we found out that there were five crazy days waiting ahead, full of joy and new experience.
Within all five days we drove, under a vigilant eye of Peter, over pathless mountain crosses, wherever possible away from regular roads, through the desert, abandoned lakes and riverbeds. Considering there were only two of us and relatively fast, Peter was each time choosing new routes and obstacles; he was passing on road advice and taking care we did not reach our daily ends too soon.
At the end of a hard-working day, Peter looked out we were wonderfully accommodated and well fed.
I cannot compare Peter's agency with others as I have not been with any other; however, when I decide on a similar moto experience again, I will not think for a single moment to look for another guide and tutor.
Because he has got first-class equipment, he is an excellent host and makes you experience a sense of being very well taken care for. If you are by any chance thinking of a similar foolishness, do not hesitate for a moment; empty out your bank account and – off you go!!!
Rado & MIco

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What's Included

What's Included

Description of the KTM Tour with 5 riding days.

The tour has 7 days in total.
Day 1. Arrival in the hotel in Ouarzazate.
Day 2. First tour day.
Day 6. Last tour day.
Day 7. Departure from Ouarzazate.

Area where we ride:
Ouarzazate, Nkob, Oum-Jrane, Zagora, Chegaga dunes, Foumzguid, Tazenakhte, Ouarzazate.
Total length of the tour is about 900km from which 95% off-road.

Tour is including:
5 days rental of KTM 450EXC or KTM 690R.
All fuel during the tour.
6 nights accommodation, 5x hotel, 1x bivouac in desert tents.
All days dinner breakfast lunch.
4x4 support follows the bikers on short distance via the same tracks.
In the support vehicle; luggage, tools, tubes, spare fuel, fridge.
Mineral water for your Camelbak's is free available from the 4x4 during the day.
Free transfers from Ouarzazate airport to the hotel in Ouarzazate and back.

Not included are:
Flight tickets, riding gear, drinks from hotels and beers from the 4x4's fridge.

Additional information:
1. Clients need to bring their credit card for the damage deposit; A bike-rental contract must be read and signed by each client, then a roll-off print will be made and signed at the start of the tour.
2. Client is responsable for the motorcycle during the rental period, damages occurred due to fall, crash, bike abuse, dent in rim, etc will be for the account of the client. The bikes will be checked for optical damages directly after the tour. Usual "battle scrathes" are no problem.
3. Clients need to bring and show us their valid motorcycle drivers licence A.
4. All bikes have third party insurrance.
5. Minimum number of participants is 4p
6. Renting a full set of riding gear is possible for 35 euro per day

Tour price:
1895 euro pp on KTM 450/690
1495 euro pp on Yamaha TTR
Join the tour in our 4x4. 995 euro pp

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4x4 Adventure Tour

4x4 Adventure Tour

7 day concept from which 5 days desert driving in 4WD vehicles.

This tour is ideal for those who like to be a week on-track with nothing but pure nature around them . You will be driving along in one of our air conditioned 4x4's. During this tour we cross the Atlas mountains and Sahara desert . There are plenty of photo stops and around noon we have lunch in one of the local restaurants or we enjoy a picnic lunch in the shade of a palm tree.

We visit canyons, oasis , fossil sites, 6000 years old rock-paintings and Berber villages where time seems to have stood still.

The whole tour is safely escorted by a English speaking Dutch guide with 36 years Morocco experience . You will not miss anything the beauty that the desert has to offer.

Our 4 × 4's have Air conditioning, Proflex suspension, snorkel air-filter, winch, tools, sand-plates, high-jack and a Engel fridge with cold drinks.

Mauritania, 60 days explore trip, winter 2019/2020.
4x4 and/or motorcycle.
Join us on this epic adventure.

Start in Algeciras.
Border crossing assistance.
Vehicle assistance.
Guiding all the way.
Daily briefing.
Visit the most remote places.
Camp in nature.
2 weeks Morocco.
4 weeks Mauritania.
2 weeks Morocco.
8000 km total.
For more info click here



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Desert Tour

Desert Tour

DESERT TOUR, 7 day arrangement with 5 days off-road riding.

This tour is highly recommended for enduro bikers who love desert riding. You will be respectfully provided a KTM 450 EXC off-road bike, excellent tool for this kind of work. Guiding is done by GPS on the handle bars, one GPS per 2 bikes. A detailed track on the GPS screen shows you exactly where to go. You’ll ride an average of 150 km’s per day from which 95% off-road.
The whole tour is accompanied by our fast 4x4 support vehicle; it’ll be there when you need it. We move as a group so nobody wanders off and we keep a comfortable distance between bikes and car. Too close means eating dust and too far might result in losing each other so keep an eye on the group. Logic.

Tour description:

At arrival in Ouarzazate we welcome you in our ***hotel where we have dinner at 20:00h. Accommodation during the tour is twin-share. If you prefer a single room let us know and we arrange it for you. Breakfast is at 8:00h and after that we pick up the KTM’s at our garage. Between 9:00h and 10:00h we’re on track heading south, crossing the 1500m high Jebel Bani mountain range. In a small village we spend the night in a mid-class hotel. It’s a traditional cozy place, hot showers, good food, with friends we know for many years. The next morning, after breakfast and filling up fuel we ride into the desert. Just outside the village smooth trails leads us south towards the Algerian border. Thanks to our 39 years of Morocco experience we avoid most of the stony tracks. We move straight over the flat plains of the dry Iriki Lake in order to reach the largest dune area of Morocco, Erg Chegaga. Here we find our way up to the highest dune top. Sand as far as the eye can see. That night we stay in a luxurious bivouac in Berber tents at the foot of the sand dunes. Next day we head east towards Mhamid for lunch and fuel in Tagounite. Afternoon we arrive at our ***star hotel in Zagora. Here we take time to relax beside the swimming pool enjoying a cool drink. After all, we are on holiday.
From Zagora we head north east to the Sahro mountains. Hotel for that night is a 150 year old Kasbah, all build from 1m thick clay walls. Also here we have a swimming pool at our disposal and delicious dinner in the garden.
The last riding day will be on 120km winding mountain tracks finalizing with a 40km road section back to Ouarzazate where we bring the bikes back to the Bikershome garage, give them a short damage check, and drive to the hotel.

Task of the 4x4 support truck:

As mentioned before, our 4×4 pick-up truck with mechanic follows the same track as the bikers. Assistance is therefore always close by.
A puncture will be repaired by our mechanic… your help is appreciated.
If case of a crash where medical care is required the rider is brought immediately to the nearest doctor/hospital.
On board the 4×4 service vehicle we carry: Fuel supplies, air-compressor, tubes, tires, spares, tools, fridge and your personal luggage. The amount and size of personal luggage you can take on tour is restricted to one (1) “ryanair-hand-luggage-sized” duffle bag. Your big riding-gear bag is kept safe in the first/last hotel.

Included are:

• 5 days rent of KTM 450EXC
• All fuel during the tour
• GPS on the handle bars with track information
• 4×4 service truck with mechanic follows the same track
• Drinking water during the ride
• All days dinner breakfast and lunch
• 5 nights hotels and 1 night Desert Bivouac
• Transfers between Ouarzazate Airport & Hotel
• In case of emergency: Repatriation to nearest doctor/hospital

Not included are:

• Airplane ticket
• Riding gear
• Drinks in hotels and beer from the 4x4 fridge

Group size: 4 to 6 persons
Price for this 7 day arrangement on KTM 450 EXC: 1895 euro pp
Price for this tour on your own KTM 450 or similar machine: 1195 euro pp

Note: Obligatory to have travel/health insurance that includes personal repatriation.

Additional information:

1. Tour can be partially or totally adapted to your personal preference.
2. At special request a guide on KTM can be in front. This brings extra costs of 250 euro per day, shared by all the group members.
3. A similar version of this Desert Tour goes on Yamaha TTR600E. In that case we skip riding in the dunes.
Price on Yamaha: 1495 euro pp.

E-Mail Peter now for more information or general advice:


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Morocco offroad motorcycle tours can be booked throughout March April --- September October --- December January
Send us your prefered dates and we’ll check if that week is free.
Minimum number of participants per motor tour is 4 persons.
Minimum number of participants per 4x4 tour is 3 persons.

A deposit of 1/3 of the total tour price is required at the time of booking to reserve the bike/car and dates. The balance of the full payment is due 8 weeks before the start of the tour.
We will furnish the details of our bank account when you are ready to book.

Bookings outside the normal season are also possible, Contact Us for info!

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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions


The Client will be held responsible for any damage due to negligence in operation of the motorcycle and/or GPS.
The participants in a motorcycle tour are fully aware of the risks and dangers involved and accept full liability. They also are themselves responsible for any damage caused to third parties and agree to forgo all claims against Bikershome and its employees for any personal damages occurring during the tour.
All complaints must be reported immediately to the tour guide and cannot be considered at a later time. Bikershome does not accept any liability for delays caused by breakdowns or necessary repairs to motorcycles or transportation vehicles during the tour. Any disputes arising will be settled before a competent court of law in Morocco.

Bikershome and its designated representatives reserve the right to disqualify any person as member of any trip or tour, should such person's actions or general deportment impede the operation of the trip or the rights or welfare or enjoyment of other members of the trip. Refunds are usually not given under these circumstances. In such extraordinary instances when a refund is granted, the limit of Bikershome' re-imbursement will not exceed the cost of unused services.

The Client will not arrive for the tour in an intoxicated nor impaired condition. The Client will not consume any alcohol or illegal drugs during the duration of a day tour. The Client will refrain from consuming excessive amounts of alcohol and any illegal drugs during a tour of two days and longer.
Clients are requested to advise Bikershome staff of any prescribed medication they take, or may need to take during the duration of a tour.

The tour price includes the rental of one motorcycle, fuel, hotel (normally double occupancy), meals, local airport transfers (in Ouarzazate), use of assistance vehicle and mechanic, and 3rd party insurance.

The tour price does not include airfare, riding gear, alcohol, snacks, room service charges, rest-day activities not included in our itinerary, pre-and-post tour hotel accommodations, items of a personal nature, passport and visa fees, fines, gratuities, laundry, phone/fax calls, medical or repatriation insurance, optional tours, travel to and from Bikershome' premises and sightseeing excursions.

There is no insurance available locally to cover injury to the rider, or medical bills and repatriation costs resulting from an accident. It is OBLIGATORY that clients take out additional insurance at home, at their own expense, to cover such things as tour and travel cancellation/interruption, personal accident, health and medical, hospitalization, repatriation, property loss, etc.
Clients may be refused access to Bikershome equipment if evidence of such insurance cover is not shown at the start of the tour.

Verbal arrangements changing the terms and conditions between you and Bikershome are only valid when confirmed in writing by Bikershome.

Bikershome strives to schedule its tours at a time of the year when the weather in the touring area is usually pleasant for motorcycling. Our tours pass through areas where changes in weather conditions can be sudden and dramatic. Bikershome cannot be made liable for unfavorable weather conditions and no refunds are made for such conditions. We reserve the right to make route modifications as necessary to improve the trip quality or to accommodate the well-being and comfort of our clients.

Riders must be at least 18 years of age, and must hold an unrestricted motorcycle license of unlimited capacity motorcycles from their country of residence. All local traffic rules must be complied with. Your tour leader will give each rider a briefing about local speed limits, signage, and other applicable traffic regulations. It is the rider's responsibility to adhere to all traffic regulations. Helmets are mandatory at all times.
Riders must adjust their riding to accommodate changes in the weather, road conditions and other road users. They hereby acknowledge that motorcycling can be a dangerous activity, they are aware of the risks involved, and fully accept these risks. They are solely responsible for keeping their motorcycle under control, selecting proper speeds, (riding at appropriate speeds for the conditions) and adhering to the country's road traffic laws.
Riders are solely responsible for their choice of riding style and speed selection even when following a tour guide in a convoy formation with other motorcyclists.
Riders, their heirs, successors, and assignors agree to release, indemnify, and hold Bikershome, its agents, contractors and employees, harmless from any and all liability or claims directly or indirectly related to participation on a tour.

Bikershome reserves the right to take photographs or film records of any of its trips, and to use any such photographs and film records for promotional, sales, brochures, or other commercial purposes.

Included in the rental fee Bikershome will furnish one motorcycle to each client. If during the course of the tour the client's motorcycle cannot be used due to damage caused by an accident or negligent use then the client will be required to return back to either Ouarzazate or Agadir by public transportation. A second motorcycle will not be furnished to the client. The cost of returning by public transportation will be the sole responsibility of the client. Bikershome will not be held liable for such costs.
The Client hereby agrees to assume all responsibility for costs incurred due to damage to the motorcycles and riding gear which result from accidents and/or negligent and careless riding. In the event of such aforementioned damage, the cost of this will be assessed and deducted from the client's deposit. The value of the damaged parts or gear will be determined by the value of that particular item on or plus 30% for shipping and customs.

Clients with existing medical conditions should make them known to Bikershome before the start of the tour, given that clients will be, at some time during their trip, in some of the most remote places in Morocco. Under certain circumstances, evacuation could be prolonged, difficult, expensive or impossible. Clients should take special care. If they feel sick, they should tell us so we can start making arrangements for evacuation should it become necessary. Hospital facilities are good in Morocco.

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Tips & Tricks

Tips & Tricks

(for those who travel by own transport)

Temporary import of vehicles / Border regulations

To enter Morocco with your vehicle you need to temporary import your vehicle. This can be done at the border in 15 minutes… but it always takes « a little » more time.
To make the border crossing go smoother you could hire one of the un-official helpers… the know the way and get things done others don’t.

Easier to do it at home via this website: (D16ter)

Rule 2014 : Only one vehicle per person is admitted into the country

Formalities on the border

• Have your passport stamped by the Customs (Douane)
• Give your motorbike registration papers to the Police. They will hand you a green and a white paper. That’s your temporary import document. Don’t loose it…!
• Finally a check-up by the customs just before you enter the country.

Obligatory 3rd party motorbike insurance in Morocco

Only for those whose insurance does not cover Morocco…
Usually you can get vehicle insurance at the border. However, it can happen that the office of the insurance company on the border is closed.

No problem, AXA has offices all over Morocco where you can buy temporary insurance. AXA in Ouarzazate arranges all for you within 15 minutes and cost 65 euro for 10-day coverage.

Speed control by radar

Speed limitations in Morocco are 60km/h in cities (unless signs indicate different), 100km/h on the main roads outside towns and 120km/h on the highway. Especially at the entrance/exit of villages police can be waiting for you, armed with a speed gun. The fine for speeding is 400dh / 36 euro per violation, and 7000 dh when more than 50km/h too fast.
Option to solve it ‘as friends’ is many times possible…

Rules in Morocco considering stolen vehicles

Be careful to protect your bike or car from getting stolen during your holidays in Morocco because if it does the authorities will hold you responsible to pay import duty.
We know people who had to pay 8500 euro import tax for their 18 year old stolen Nissan Patrol. These victims tried to get help from their embassy but also they could do nothing about it.

You are on holiday and need to fly back home unexpected

A person who came in the counrty with a temporary imported vehicle is not allowed to leave the country without his/her vehicle. The customs at the border will not let you pass. Bikershome can arrange a permit with the customs in Ouarzazate which allows you to leave Morocco without your vehicle.
Costs per case is 800dh to seal the bikes and 200dh to undo the seals when you are back in Morocco to pick up the bike.
• This price inludes our mediation and driving to town both times.
• During your absence the bikes are parked safe in the Bikershome garage.
• Storage costs are 5 euro per day, per bike. For more than a month 4 euro per day.

Note: There is a 6-months-limit. This means that you must be back and with your vehicle out of the country before the 6 months limit is reached. The 6 months counting start on the day that you+vehicle entered the country.

How long can you stay in Morocco

As a tourist you are welcome to stay in Morocco for as long as you like.
One restriction; every 3 months you have to cross the border. There you exit-stamp your passport, walk around the office to the other side and entrée-stamp your passport. Ready… you can stay another 3 months.
Note: Only 6 months per year you can be in the country with a vehicle.

Email Peter if you have any questions

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Timbuktu Tour

Timbuktu Tour

From Malaga to Timbuktu and back in 30 days

The urge for adventure is in every one of us… we search the internet and read travel stories about faraway places with imaginary names as Timbuktu Dakar Dogon and Bandiagara. Picture yourself riding over endless desert planes… or through a green jungle… past small villages with African people… so now and then a river crossing… breath taking views from top of a mountain pass… freedom as far as the eye can reach.
Until now you were maybe wondering how to travel the region in a safe way… questions such as; “what if I get engine trouble” or “who comes for my recovery in case of a serious crash”?

Bikershome offers you 4×4 support all the way from Malaga to Timbuktu and back. Our support vehicle follows the motorcycle group on short distance. In case of an emergency (injuries, engine failure) assistance is immediately there, a rider can take place in the support vehicle and the motorcycle goes on the back of the pick-up truck.

On board of the support truck we carry an Engel fridge, 200L spare fuel-cans, water-cans, tire-compressor, tools, bike stand. Besides that, every member of the group has the possibility to put some spare luggage in the support vehicle. This is limited to a max of 10kg, confirming to the Ryanair hand-luggage rules.

What do you need to take care of:

A motorbike that you can handle on-road & off-road, you need further good travel condition, valid driver license, a passport with minimum 7 months validity, visas, documents for your bike, vaccinations, credit card and enough cash money to cover all personal expenses such as fuel, food, drinks, accommodation, bribes, etc.
Important is a positive attitude as things can change unexpected.

Timbuktu Tour


Malaga, Fes, Imilchil, Dades-Canyon, Ouarzazate, Tata, Assa, Hawza, Smara, Laayoune, Dakhla, Nouadhibou, Atar krater, Tidjikja, Kiffa, Ayoun el Atrous, Nema, Timbouctou, Niger river-crossing, Hombori, Mopti, Bandiagara, Dogon-Valley, Felou waterfalls, Bamako, Kayes, Nouakchot, Nouadhibou, Dakhla, Agadir, Ouarzazate, Malaga.
This trip is about 11.000km

Important note:

With 10 participants the tour goes… but:
The possibility to ride this epic tour fully depends on the political situation in the region.


Join this 11000km long adventure in 30 days from Ouarzazate to Malaga Timbuktu and back for the crazy low price of 950 euro pp.

Like to come along but you have no motorbike? There’s a seat for you in the 4x4 support vehicle.

For more info please contact Peter.


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About Us

Peter Buitelaar

Vehicles used during his tours: Nissan King-Cab, Toyota Hi-lux, Unimog 1300, Daf 4440 dutch-army-truck, Yamaha XT600 en BMW R100GS type “paris-dakar”, Mahindra Scorpio pick-up, Toyota Landcruiser BJ45, HJ45, HJ61, HZJ80 and now a Toyota Landcruiser KXR special edition.

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