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A few simple rules that benefit us all:

During the tour each client can place 1 ryanair-hand-luggage-size bag in the support truck. Everything you need that week must be able to fit IN that bag. Don’t bring any hard cases, they will get damaged due to the terrain.

We ride as one group, with safe distance between you and the rider in front of you. In that way you don’t eat dust all day and you have a clear view in what’s happening in front of you.

Keep an eye on each other. If you notice that the rider behind you is out of view; wait a moment. When he does not show up after 4 to 5 minutes turn back to where you last spotted him.

Every rider stays on the planned GPS track. This is for your own safety. Imagine you wonder off and crash… nobody knows where you are.

Respect the motorcycle you get provided as if it is your own bike; treat it with care. When the tour leader notices motorcycle abuse or he judges that a rider becomes a danger to the well being of the whole group he gives 1 warning to that person. If that person does not adapt his attitude he will be removed from the tour.

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