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A few simple rules that benefit us all:

During the tour each client can place 1 ryanair-hand-luggage-size bag in the support truck. Everything you need that week must be able to fit IN that bag. Don’t bring any hard cases, they will get damaged due to the terrain.

We ride as one group, with safe distance between you and the rider in front of you. In that way you don’t eat dust all day and you have a clear view in what’s happening in front of you.

Keep an eye on each other. If you notice that the rider behind you is out of view; wait a moment. When he does not show up after 4 to 5 minutes turn back to where you last spotted him.

Every rider stays on the planned GPS track. This is for your own safety. Imagine you wonder off and crash… nobody knows where you are.

Respect the motorcycle you get provided as if it is your own bike; treat it with care. When the tour leader notices motorcycle abuse or he judges that a rider becomes a danger to the well being of the whole group he gives 1 warning to that person. If that person does not adapt his attitude he will be removed from the tour.

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Desert Atlantic Tour

Desert Atlantic Tour

Desert Atlantic Tour

•  Looking for something special in the deep south of Morocco?
•  Off-road riding in remote areas? Camp out in nature? Swim in oasis?
•  Find fossilized sea animals in the desert? Visit 6000 years old rock paintings?
•  Ride your bike over 2500m high mountain passes, explore deep canyons?
•  Have a rewarding jump in the sea once we reached the Atlantic Ocean?

Then the Desert Atlantic Tour is exactly what you need.

13 days tour from which 11 days off-road riding with 1 day relaxing at the beach

Starting from Ouarzazate we follow the Draa River through the southern deserts of Morocco all the way to the Atlantic coast and back through the Siroua Mountains. With its total of over 1600km this is the longest off-road tour we offer in Morocco. Daily average of riding is between 100km and 200km per day, depending on the terrain. Due to the extreme heat this tour can not be done during the summer.


Yamaha TT600Re with 42hp air-cooled engine, no electronics, easy electric starter. Guiding is done by GPS on the handle bars. Detailed track information on the screen shows you exactly where to go. All fuel is included. You can also choose to do the tour on KTM 450 EXC.

4×4 assistance truck

Depending on the group’s size one or two 4×4 service trucks follow the participants over the exact same tracks and carry on board: Mechanic/tour leader, fridge with coke and beer, fridge with food, your personal luggage, 180 litre petrol, spare-parts, tools, tyres, tubes, 12 volt compressor, water, tents, sleeping bags, inner sheets, mattresses, cooking materials, etc

Dinner Breakfast Lunch

We buy fresh vegetables and meat during the day in local villages. Where possible we have lunch in small restaurants along the track. On other places we enjoy a picnic lunch under the shade of a tree. Dinner is prepared “en group” that means we all give a hand, also with cleaning the dishes.


You have the benefit of our 40 years Morocco experience. Our wild-camps are carefully chosen spots next to a well or near a spring. On 2 bivouac locations we camp beside a natural pool in the desert. Both great places for a refreshing swim after a dusty ride. You’ll be provided with a Decathlon “2-seconds” tent. Easy to put up, throw it in the air and your room is there! For a comfortable night we have self-inflating mattresses. Sleeping bags with proper clean inner sheets keep you warm at night. In the morning we break up camp and after a group-prepared breakfast we head out further into the desert.


During the day the guys in the 4×4 collect wood for the evening campfire. We all have a good time sitting together around the fire, enjoying a cold beer or coke, talking about the days ride and staring at the stars… This beats any hotel.


We spend 4 nights in hotels. There we find all the comfort; hot showers, dinner at a table, drinks from the bar, a real bed to sleep in, etc.

Group size

4 to 6 persons

Included are

•  11 days rent of motor cycle
•  GPS on the handle bars with detailed track information
•  All fuel during the Tour
•  4×4 service truck with mechanic follows the same track
•  All luggage, spare fuel, tools, tubes, bivouac materials etc are transported by the 4x4
•  Bottled water and energy bars are provided free during the days ride
•  12 nights accommodation in bivouacs and hotels
•  All day dinner breakfast lunch
•  Transfers from and to Ouarzazate Airport

Not included are

• Drinks in hotels and beer from the 4x4 fridge
• Riding gear
• Airplane ticket

Price for this 13 day arrangement

13-day Desert Atlantic Tour with 11 riding days on Yamaha TTR for 3250 euro pp.
13-day Desert Atlantic Tour with 11 riding days on KTM 450 EXC for 3950 euro pp.
Start and finish is in Ouarzazate. Total length of this trip is 1600km.

E-Mail him now for more information or general advice:


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Atlas Mountain Tour

Atlas Mountain Tour

This tour has a total of 7 days of which 5 full riding days.

For those who like winding roads stunning views and deep canyons, we offer the Atlas Mountain Tour.

• Daily average is around 150km per day off-road
• 30% of this tour goes on the road, giving you all the time to enjoy the beautyful landscape around you.
• Curved tracks, technical riding, sandy trails, deep canyons, rocky climbs
• Some big wash-outs, river crossings, very remote areas, beautiful rock formations
• Passing 3000m high mountain passes
• We visit isolated villages with hospitable inhabitants
• Due to the high altitude the temperature can vary unexpected


You ride KTM 450 EXC or Yamaha TTR250/600E. Well maintained bikes, excellent for this kind of work.

The Garmin GPS on the handle bars with detailed day track on the screen shows you clearly where to go. In case of any problem you wait shortly for the support 4×4 which follows the group over the same track.


All nights will be in local hotels/auberges along the track. The Moroccan food is always tasteful and showers are available every evening.

At many places beside the track we find a natural pool where we stop for lunch and a refreshing plunge in the mountain stream. Great!

What is included?

* Rental of KTM 450 EXC or Yamaha TTR 250/600
• All fuel
• GPS with day-track on the handle bars
• Support 4×4 following the bikes over the same tracks
• Our mechanic repairs your flat tire
• Bike maintenance service every evening
• Mineral water for your camelbak
• 6 nights hotel
• All dinners breakfast lunch

On board the 4×4 service vehicle we carry;
fuel supplies, air-compressor, tubes, tires, spares, tools, a fridge and your personal luggage

Not included are:

• Flight ticket
• Drinks in hotels/restaurants and beers from the on-board fridge
• Riding gear

Group size: 4 to 8 persons

Tour Price: 1895 euro pp on KTM, 1495 euro pp on TTR

For non-bikers we offer the chance of joining up in a 4×4 for 995 euro pp. (same conditions)

Just contact us for more details.


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