In our older age, my friend and I decided to embark on a moto adventure. We browsed the Internet and randomly chose an off road desert tour with a Bikers Home agency run by Peter, a man in our own generation.
We had no anticipations whatsoever, no off road experience as well, only some fear from the unknown country and unmapped travelling.
Peter picked us up at the airport and took over us. Right from the first moment there was a general feeling that he knew what he was doing and that he was true professional. 
The next morning our 5-day adventure tour started. After the first round we found out that there were five crazy days waiting ahead, full of joy and new experience.
Within all five days we drove, under a vigilant eye of Peter, over pathless mountain crosses, wherever possible away from regular roads, through the desert, abandoned lakes and riverbeds. Considering there were only two of us and relatively fast, Peter was each time choosing new routes and obstacles; he was passing on road advice and taking care we did not reach our daily ends too soon.
At the end of a hard-working day, Peter looked out we were wonderfully accommodated and well fed.
I cannot compare Peter's agency with others as I have not been with any other; however, when I decide on a similar moto experience again, I will not think for a single moment to look for another guide and tutor.
Because he has got first-class equipment, he is an excellent host and makes you experience a sense of being very well taken care for.
If you are by any chance thinking of a similar foolishness, do not hesitate for a moment; empty out your bank account and – off you go!!!
Rado & MIco